KCCA FC and Onduparaka join hands with Palliative Care Association of Uganda [PCAU] in the journey to build the first Hospice in West Nile region to provide palliative care for patients suffering from life threatening illness that require special attention away from home such as cancer and others.

As a strategy to raise the proposed budget of UGX 500 million to make their dream come true, the two fan’s favorites in Ugandan football will play a charity game home and away.

Coincidentally the confirmed friendly encounter comes hand in hand with rumors of KCCA’s interest in another Onduparaka player.

It was reportedly said Mike Mutebi gained interest in Toha Rashid who is considerably the Green Army’s heart of defence.

But during the press conference purposed for the looming charity game, Mutebi utilized the chance to rubbish the claims.

Reports claims Mike wants to replace Timothy Awany with Toha Rashid

I am not interested in Toha Rashid and Toha is the main man at Onduparaka. The project is around him. We cannot afford to destruct him, so that should be closed. The Onduparaka captain is there to stay though he’s a KCCA fan, maybe he can think about it later. But for now that rumor should absolutely be flashed out.

Mutebi also praised Onduparaka for their contribution in revivifying Ugandan football, a task giant clubs shied off from.

“It is very important for Onduparaka to stay around in the league. There is so much that Onduparaka has really spiced in as far as Ugandan football is concerned. And to see them doing things that the so called big clubs “Historical clubs” have not done for donkey’s years. That shows you an emerging force that is going to help Ugandan football In general.”

It’s no secret that Onduparaka and KCCA are rivals in football ever since the heartless humiliation the Kasasiro boys caused the Arua side by beating them 7-0, 16 months ago besides snatching their then greatest player, Muhammad Shaban in unethical manner.

When KCCA smiles Onduparaka cries, the two are rivals in the pitch.

Their unity for a cause outside football is admirable hence a concern was raised to Toha about how he views the charity match. The tall lad thinks Onduparaka and KCCA are not rivals.

“…the main aim for this match is charity. I don’t see Onduparaka and KCCA are rivals. There is much bigger difference between Onduparaka and KCCA. If I may say, this is the second season we have in the league and with due respect they have been in the game for so many years. So it makes no sense when you say there is rivalry between the two, maybe between the fans.”

Meanwhile Mutebi’s view predicts a couple of benefits for both KCCA and Onduparaka including a good working relationship between the two sides.

He looks forward to more Onduparaka players joining KCCA as KCCA did to allow Caesar Okhuti join Onduparaka.

“…return is we are exporting a brand as Onduparaka are noticed by the public. The return we get is, we’re selling KCCA. And in so doing, we’re also manufacturing or recruiting new fans. There is also technical return in the field [exploring new boys]. And I want to assure you, we are going to have a very good relationship with Onduparaka, because it happens in football in the world. You will see exchanging players from Onduparaka to KCCA. You already see Okhuti, why? Because there is something we believe in them…”

The two legged charity game will be played at the Star Times Stadium and Green light Stadium on 16th and 30th June respectively.