Shaban was not well raised – Mike Mutebi

Shaban was left out by Mike Mutebi in the squad that played the Uganda Cup finals against Vipers in which Julius Poloto won the season for the Kasasiro boys.

Reasons why the prolific goal scorer was excluded from the squad is no longer furtive but crystal clear because Coach Mike Mutebi’s words says it all.

According the KCCA boss, the former Onduparaka rude boy was unfortunately not raised well.

“It is so sad that Shaban was brought up badly, that he doesn’t know what to do to the extent that he does not respect his job and has no value for it. It is so surprising that ever since he came back from national team he has never featured in any training session. I am not so surprised that he is behaving so that is how most Ugandan players in all clubs are behaving thinking that they are so special yet they are inconsistent.”

From the speech of Mutebi, it’s apparent Shaban’s manners are damaged beyond repair.

“I have tried my best to work on him to change as I had promised but it seems I have failed because of his personality and I can’t rely on him. I saw him from the age of 12 and his father asked me to help him in and outside football but I am not going to hide, seriously I have failed out on him. But since he can’t give out on pitch then what can I do? He has failed to do what he was brought for.”

Muhammad Shaban is believed to be unsettled at KCCA because of lucrative offers coming from Egypt and other parts of Africa yet KCCA seems unwilling to let go of him for now.

One of the clubs that is said to be interested in Shaban is Zamalek who are willing to pay $100,000 to KCCA for the signature of the Cranes international.

When asked what is happening between him and Mike Mutebi, Shaban said, he isn’t sure.