Shaban: The misunderstood personality that deserves a second chance.

Shaban is known to be one of the country’s best strikers of his epoch due to his ability to score all sorts of goals in all manners, situation and within a glimpse of chance offered him but another characteristic of the boy that has popularized him is indiscipline according to the view of majority.

Is Muhammad Shaban really indiscipline or misunderstood is a question that would bring out subjective views from followers of the KCCA centre forward.

The circumstance under which Shaban left Onduparaka made it easy to predict the inevitable strife that would later develop between him and Mike Mutebi.

History has it that Shaban is stubborn, observations during match days indicate clearly what the Arua boy is made of inside, meanwhile Arua Public SS former footballers who played together with Shaban don’t deny Shaban’s unruly traits.

After Mike Mutebi described him as one personality he has failed to correct although he initially thought he could, Shaban of course spoke back in defence.

Mike Mutebi witnesses Shaban put pen to paper on 21st September 2017

Although there could be untold story, seems the young lad is another misunderstood and naive personality that requires patience, and resilience to charitably help him.

Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Mario Balotelli, Robin Van Persie are a few international footballers that possessed similar inward features that could have endangered their future in soccer but because of second chance given and patience of the managers they worked with, today football witnessed the greatest in them.

Mike Mutebi giving up on Shaban is a disappointment because he promised to be a father figure to him on the day he was signed.

The KCCA FC boss acknowledged Westnile footballers’ unsporting behaviors but with specificity guaranteed to tame Shaban.

Unfortunately the latest update of surrendering in trimming and nurturing the talent he embraced with his conscious knowing what he was committing to shows lack of integrity, a trait that is not expected in coach of Mutebi level.

Ugandan footballers are known for such acts synonymous to Shaban’s as Mutebi admitted, so accomplishing what he started in Shaban would be one of the utmost contributions he can make to the Uganda football besides the guidance he has given KCCA in the continental competitions.

It’s Mike Mutebi’s responsibility to make Shaban wear the Cranes shirt again.

When interviewed about the reality on ground, the striker told this writer how the team doesn’t render him equal treatment as rendered to others.

“I can’t refuse to play football because it’s my job. Reason why I didn’t travel with the team was that I’m injured. What did they want me to do? I can’t play when I’m injured. But whenever I tell them I’m injured, they ignore me yet when someone tells them, they take everything serious. I’m I not a human being?”

In the same conversation, Shaban added whatever personal issues Mike Mutebi might have had with him, he has forgiven him.

For the love of the game, Mutebi and Shaban need to sit down in a round table and save a virtuoso for us.