KCCA FC coach Mike Mutebi compliments BUL FC performance, rebukes Nsibambi

KCCA FC coach Mike Mutebi compliments BUL FC who pushed them hard for playing a kind of game he admires.

BUL FC almost poured the soup for the defending champions when Kambale scored at the 83rd minute to nullify Derrick Nsibambi’s first half opener.

But the centre forward restored KCCA lead before whistle was blown to ensure fight goes to the wires as Mike Mutebi always puts it.

Nsibambi scores opener against BUL FC

KCCA boss Mutebi who is a big time admirer of passing and tightfisted football sang songs of praise for their opponents from Jinja but noted his side were slightly better than them.

“BUL was playing very well. They use the ball very well and these are the teams I want to play. You see players trying to think using the ball. We’re slightly better than BUL FC but they were playing some very good football. BUL were fighting, playing to show that they can play against us.”

Amazingly although Mutebi was grateful for the two goals Nsibambi scored, he expressed dissatisfaction in the striker’s inability to live up to the expected capacity.

“I’m not going to start ringing Halleluiahs because he has scored. He is supposed to have been the one to take over the mantle from Geoffrey Sserunkuma but he has been inconsistent. Like I said, today he pops up he scores which is very good. But I want to see him scoring every day. This season we didn’t have somebody you would really lean on and say he’s going to score for us.”

Sadam Juma set Nsibambi for the winner

During the criticism of Nsibambi, Mike compared the striker’s performance with new entrant Muhammad Shaban who in total has scored 13 league goals yet made debut after missing many games besides disturbances by excruciating injuries.

“Shaban comes after a long draught, plays three matches, he scores seven goals. I would have liked that to have been seven goals in seven matches. So it is good for Derrick but like I say, also his performance has been low because of personal problems. That’s why you would have wanted to see Nsibambi leading the line for KCCA, scoring consistently and being the number one centre forward for Uganda. But he has not done that and they’ve dropped him from the national team [Laughs]. So he has to work hard to go there. But what he did today is what we expected of him and we believe maybe that’s a spring board for further performances because we are still in the championship here in Uganda as well as the continent.”

Derrick Nsibambi‘s brace against the side from Eastern Uganda turns his league goal tally to nine.