Roma 3-0 Barcelona: It took Romans 34 years to reach this stage no wonder Edin Dzeko said, “It is difficult to believe but we did it and did it in style.”

Roma caused stadium eruption at Stadio Olimpico after they successful came back from a 4-1 first round defeat to beat Barcelona 3-0 and qualify to the semis of the UEFA champion’s league on a way goal advantage.

Barcelona in all explanations were favorites as history shows only they themselves and Deportivo La Coruna are the only sides that over turned a first leg defeat of three goals or more.

Roma players celebrate

But former Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko fastened their journey to the semi-finals with an early first half goal at the 6th minute before De Rossi doubled the lead at the 58th meanwhile defender Manolas 82nd minute goal not only helped to write history but caused tears of joy at the stands.

Garrard Piques watches as Manolas’ goal could not be saved by Ter Stegen

Indeed unbelievable as one of the goal scorers Edin Dzeko agrees but again they managed it. Suffocated Barcelona and got the needed results.

“It is difficult to believe but we did it and did it in style.” Said the Bosnia striker.

He spoke in length and below is the transcription.

“Nobody believed in us before the game – they gave us a 5% chance of winning – but against such a team like Barcelona, you expect that after losing the first game 4-1. We had to be concentrated not to concede a goal. We remembered the first game where they scored four goals from three shots on target as we scored two own goals. We believed even more after the first goal – it pushed us and in the end I am so proud. The win is difficult to describe. We lost against Fiorentina in the league three days ago but we played an amazing game today and had even more chances to score. It was great teamwork from the first to the last minute. It is the first time in history to knock out Barcelona 3-0 and that makes it even more special. We will enjoy the semi-finals – I do not fear anyone. They are all top teams. I am just happy to see my team in the draw.”

True that the win is hard to describe especially against an exceptional a side that plays attacking football team yet did not showcase what they are made of.

Messi’s freekicks were not accurate enough

Barcelona had their best chance through Leonel Messi but the Argentina international shot direct at Alisson. Messi also attempted two free kicks but all went over the bar.

Messi takes on two defenders of Roma
De Rossi celebrates with teammates
De Rossi celebrates with teammates