Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba reveals how they made the comeback possible

Manchester United come from behind to beat Manchester City 3-2 at Etihad Stadium and reschedule the coronation of City as Premier League Champions.

City deservedly won the first half after putting up a quality and dominant performance that resulted into Vincent Kompany and Gundogan’s goals.

Kompany caused agony to Smalling

A positive attitude by united players turned things around after Paul Pogba in a space of 90 seconds from 52 to 54 minutes netted twice before Smalling’s 69th minute goal cancelled the host’s goals.

According to the France international, they knew City love to attack and so he had to take advantage and get more in the box.

“First of all we knew we had to score goals, we were losing 2-0. With City they love to attack, they don’t like to defend, so I had to get more in the box, I knew I had Nemanja Matic behind me and Ander Herrera with me. For the goal I didn’t think about anything, with Alexis Sanchez he likes to play direct, I saw the space and just went, I was lucky Kompany wasn’t tight enough.”

Pogba opened the scores for United

Following the two goals, Man United player’s had increase in confidence as confirmed by Paul Pogba and before City could realize it, Smalling had given the visitors the unexpected lead.

The midfield maestro also recognized the effort of Michael Carrick in helping him learn to make the late runs. In his own words, Paul says;

“I was relieved, because at 2-0 after you score your confidence goes up. Michael Carrick has helped me a lot with these late runs, he always shows me videos of what I should be doing.”

Pogba powers the header that leveled the scores

Losing to Manchester City and witnessing them celebrate was something Paul Pogba was unable to take.

“I didn’t want to lose against City, the loss from last season is still in my mind. If they won they are champions, for all the fans it would be like death. To lose against City and to see them celebrate, I couldn’t let that happen. At half time in the dressing room we said we have nothing to lose, 2-0 let’s make it.”

Smalling netted the goal that won the match

Unlike today, Manchester City will need to beat Tottenham Hotspurs next week at Wembley as they hope United to lose the following day against West Brom at Old Trafford in order to be crowned champions however definitely sooner or later, Manchester City will be crowned.