Onduparaka partnership with Everton is a dream come true because…

Onduparaka just signed a memorandum of understanding with Everton for the community, a charity arm of English Premier League club Everton FC on March, 23rd 2018 at the Imperial Royal Hotel.

As a result of the partnership, now of course Onduparaka being a component of the West Nile-UK health partnership consortium together with other organizations has roles to play for the benefit of not only the refugees and humanitarians offering services but also the hosting communities for the next five years.

When the news of the partnership became loose, the Club through their Facebook post publicized, it was a dream come true.

Onduparaka has been known for social cooperate responsibility. Its founding member Benjamin Nyakuni has often emphasized in the two times they’ve reached to the communities the past two years how the club is community based and how the community is at the heart of the club.

During the last edition of charity activity in which Onduparaka gave out to the local church and school for gracing them with a football pitch, the club’s call for fans involvement was received with mixed feelings and eventually gathering of resources was a one man’s show.

Everton’s partnership with Onduparaka helps the club to move from charity to philanthropy and definitely will solve resource challenge but goes an extra mile to attend to areas the club wasn’t involved in.

Reaching out to the refugees covers a long distance and addressing the psycho social needs didn’t seem to really be at the back of club Chairman’s mind but now they have a task.

Benjamin Nyakuni addressing an audience in one of the Onduparaka Primary School classrooms last year during SCR event

A task that needs consistency and long term duration to help victims of war from mainly South Sudan who have been traumatized and affected psychologically and due to idleness indulged in drug abuse, to come out of the vice.

Munduru Mercy, the club’s head of communications and marketing officer during the signing of the MoU, she explained to this website the specifics and the areas Onduparaka will be addressing.

“So Onduparaka and Everton basically are going to design activities that will get the involvement of children and youth in the refugee camps to participate in sports activities. We’ll go to the camps, we’ll organize activities that would otherwise engage them to get over what they are going through.”

Mercy as well said, besides the sports related activities Onduparaka will help both the refugees and hosting communities to access the required services.

“…of course, most importantly together with other stake holders, because there are other stake holders in here whose role is counselling, psycho social support and ABCD. So we are going to ensure that we link the youth and the children in the community to these services. To show them where these services are, where they can access these services and also to be direct beneficiaries of some of the programs which may not necessarily be sports but part of this partnership. So we will be leading the activities in West Nile as a football club… ”

She additionally said they will integrate capable talents they discover amongst the refugees into the club.

Analyzing the benefit of this engagement to Onduparaka as a football club

Corporate social responsibility isn’t a one way direction because at one point harvest will be seen.

World over, different kinds of entities have experienced fruits, that is growth and influence due to the help they’ve rendered to the community.

It is so because people love organization, clubs and companies that supported issues they care about.

Sooner or later, when the mission materializes and fruits of the charity work become evident, hearts of society will be won by Onduparaka and the majority if not the entire West Nile will support the club.

As the representative of Everton stated, much as Onduparaka might not play against Everton FC or exchange footballers, knowledge shall be shared.

Nyakuni in his speech said, he hopes former Manchester United star Wayne Rooney in  future may come to visit the refugees and incase it happens, the magnitude of exposure and marketing the Arua based club will enjoy will be enormous.

This explains all why Onduparaka’s Nyakuni is passionate about the SCR and believes the partnership is dream come true.