Mike will punish Shaban but not for what you think

Mike Mutebi is not happy with Muhammad Shaban and Denis Okot and has frankly admitted he will punish the two.

Following the historic victory for KCCA in which Shaban was the goal scorer and Okot pleased Mike after a long time performance wise, the two on that night travelled to Paidha and Gulu respectively to represent their region in the FUFA organized Drum tournament.

Whereas Mike Mutebi is in support of the Drum, he condemned the manner in which his striker and defender left.

According to the KCCA tactician, the decision of representing each ones region is entirely in their hand but thought it was irresponsible for the two players to depart without his permission.

Shaban and Okot act of leaving travelling without permission is considered irresponsible by Mike Mutebi

He cited a case in which one of the players with names Feni Ali was involved in an accident while returning to Kampala from playing for Westnile against Ankole, and said if it were Shaban or Okot, it would be a surprise.

He said as much as the decision of participating in the Drum is in the player’s hand, the inability of Shaban and Okot to seek for his permission definitely calls for punishment.

“Drum is useful, I told my players, the decision is theirs. They can decide to play for their provinces. But a professional player who is organized would choose. For instance now you are talking about Shaban going to play, if he is also going to play tomorrow [in the Uganda Cup] and then he plays badly and says he is tired. Then I will punish him. People must be mature in making decisions. I can’t stop anybody, but you make the right decision. But you get injured there, you know you are coming back here and Shaban did not seek permission from me and Okot and I’m going to punish them.”

Mike explained that the Drum is useful in identifying new talents and opportunity for professional players who have been off form or coming from injury to seize in order to gain match fitness or play time.