KCCA FC away draw is perceived dangerous by Coach Mike Mutebi who otherwise is happy with the results.

KCCA FC managed to rub shoulders with continental big horns St. George of Ethiopia in the first leg of the CAF Champions League at Addis Ababa.

The Ugandan side played a goalless draw with a superior side from Ethiopia who obviously created chances however weren’t clinical enough in front of the goal, a thing which Mike Mutebi fears would bring down his side in the return leg.

Derrick Nsibambi follows St. Georgia player for the ball

“If we played a team that do not create chances I would be maybe confident. But they created chances and they will create chances I know. ” said KCCA FC manager.

KCCA FC under Mike has been banking on home games to frustrate visiting teams after suffering away from home in the continental competitions.

The nil-nil result at Addis becomes the first time KCCA under Mutebi has managed a clean sheet.

Although KCCA FC is at advantage given the one point they’ve earned, the result is tricky as noted by Mutebi.

“Second leg is going to be difficult because a nil-nil yes, we have an advantage because we got a point away from home but it’s nil-nil. We did not score and they are going to come and score. So when they score, it’s a problem.”

Mike opined the reason they managed to get the peculiar results away from is because of their organization in the defense and luck of relaxation by striker of St. George.

“Like just like us, their strikers are very much in a hurry. When they get the ball, they are too much in a hurry. That’s why they didn’t score. They didn’t score but they played well. They made us sick and we had to be very organized behind the ball and try to stop their passes. They forced us not to play our game. We always play very offensive but we are more organized off the boat trying to negate their passing and movement.”

The KCCA coach otherwise accepted to be have been very happy with the results and looks forward to doing what they do best at home to away teams.

KCCA will host St. George in the return leg on Friday 16th March at the Star Time Stadium, Lugogo – Kampala.