Tottenham disappoints Juventus with crucial away goals.

Tottenham picks crucial away goals at the Juventus Stadium amidst the initially comfortable lead the Old Lady took.

Gonzalo Higuain who wasted a penalty later caused disaster to the English side with his two early goals that manifested in first ten minutes before Harry Kane pulled one in the second half as Cristian Eriksen helped to level scores from a set piece.

Kane and Eriksen facial appearance after the two quick Higuain goals

Juventus won a free kick which Miralem Pjanic took to Higuain before the Argentina international took wonderful volley into the bottom left hand corner just two minutes into the game.

The Juventus number 9 doubled the lead from a penalty kick following a trip Ben Davies had on Bernardeschi at the 9th minute.

Whereas Tottenham’s ability to dominate possession and desire to score goals by attacking, gave them fruit as Mauricio Pochettino’s side seized one through lethal Kane who stole a ball from unserious Buffon before burying it at the 35th minutes.

Kane celebrates goal

At the 70th minute, Dele Alli was fouled by Giorgio Chiellini before Eriksen stepped in to accurately convert the ball into the net at the 72nd minute.

What started as a dark night for the London club ended in their favor of Tottenham not because they won but because of the away goals that gives them advantage.

Buffon tried to rescue Juventus but Eriksen was too extreme

Juventus had the chance to win but an early lead apparently gave them a complacent spirit resulting to the Spurs 80 minutes of monopoly and Higuain squandering a chance that could have given them a more comfortable lead than two goals would do.

Spurs on the other side cause dread and fear to Juventus fans, they looked in position to win the match if at all more minutes were added but nevertheless the memories they’ve left in Italy has earned them respect.

Kane and Higuain appreciate each other

The two will now meet again at Wembley for replay on the 7the of March at in England at Wembley Stadium.