Mourinho explains why Arsenal, Tottenham and his former club don’t have responsibility of winning the title either.

Mourinho finds comfort in other big clubs following frustration from recent results and hopelessness in keeping Manchester City on toes.

After spending £300m in his 18 months’ tenure with the Red Devils, Mourinho was expected to revive the lost glory of united and build up a team better or equals to Sir Alex Ferguson’s.

His seemingly failure to do so has come up with critics throwing stones at him and defensively Mourinho finds excuse in the figure he spent. According to the former Chelsea coach, United has spent less money compared to City.

“Spending £300m is not enough. The price for the big clubs is different than for the other clubs. The big historical clubs are normally punished in the market because of that history.”  Says Mourinho.

Mourinho also considers the situation of Real Madrid and AC Milan, when asked regarding the recent poor performance and if only collecting eight points in their last five fixtures was good enough for a club of United’s caliber, he said;

“When you tell a club like Man Utd, do you think Milan is not as big as us? You think Real Madrid are not as big as we are?”

In Mourinho’s opinion, It’s one thing to be a big club and another thing to be a big football team.

“I know what a big club is. One thing is a big club and another thing is a big football team. They are two different things.”  No wonder the Portuguese added;

“When you speak about responsibility to win the Premier League, Tottenham doesn’t have that responsibility because they are not a club with the same history as us. Arsenal don’t have the responsibility to win it. Chelsea don’t have the responsibility to win it. When you speak about big football clubs, you are speaking about the history of the club.”

Since his appointment, Mourinho spent £89m on Paul Pogba, £30m on Eric Bailly, and £26.3m on Henrikh Mhkhitaryan, £75m on Romelu Lukaku, £31m on Victor Lindelof, £40m on Nemanja Matic.

Amidst that, Jose Mourinho believes Manchester City spending spree supersedes United’s given that much figure Manchester City spends on a defender which he opined is rational to be spent on a striker.