Someone enthused Kane’s hat-trick, a non-footballer more over. Find out who he is.

Kane netted three times in a single premiership match for Tottenham to emerge victors in the fixture with Burnley.

Harry Kane’s goals that came in the 7th, 69th and 79th minutes make him one of the greatest in the history of England’s top tier as the England international not only leveled Mohammed Salah’s current tally of 15 goals but equaled Alan Shearer’s 36 league goals in a single year.

Since 1994 when the former Blackburn Rovers striker made a record landmark of 30 goals in a calendar year before breaking and re-setting to 26 in 1995, a few forwards went onto scoring 30+ goals including Les Ferdinand 30’ [1994], Ruud Van Nistelrooy 30’ [2003], Thierry Henry 34’ [2004], Robin Van Persie 35’ [2011] and Now Kane 36’ [2017].

Interesting enough the record Kane has equaled and threatens to supersede in the next fixture before 2018 clocks was inspired by Willy Ely.

Kane visited Ely’s son on 20th December 2017 and presented him with an undisclosed gift at Whips Cross Hospital and asked Willy what he’d want him to do for him. The old man said a hat-trick.

“…On Wednesday he gave my son a present at Whips Cross hospital and asked what I wanted, I said a hat-trick” narrated Ely.

Harry Kane with other Spurs players take a picture with William Elyand sick son

I’ll see what to do is what the 24-year-old replied to the sick boy’s father he goes onto scoring three against Burnley. Following accomplishing Ely’s request Kane wrote on twitter;

“Great to meet him and hopefully he enjoyed that as much as I did! Get well soon. Merry Christmas.”

Whereas in Ely gratitude message, he wrote, “…Thank you for delivering Harry Christmas Santa Kane. COYS!”

Kane has an opportunity to further a queer goal tally in a single year when Tottenham Hotspurs host Southampton on Tuesday 26th December 2017 at Wembley Stadium, kick off time 15:30 EST.