Awany in the recent matches has held the KCCA team band and ushered the boys into the pitch instead of Okot.

So perplexing given the fact that there isn’t any official communication from the coach regarding if there is new leadership.

Mike Mutebi was questioned with specificity if the officially recognized team captain Denis Okot has been stripped of the skipper role and if Timothy Awany is the new captain. This is what he said;

“We are constructing leaders. I said we’re grooming a team. The more you play them, the more you give them confidence. We want everybody to be a leader. But if you start with Okot, you say Okot is more experienced but he also rotates and gives responsibility to Awany. So that he stops being careless. He is a good player, but maybe when you give him responsibility, he works hard and improves.

According to the KCCA coach the culture of entrusting players with responsibility such as captaining the team during match days instills leadership skills in them and helps each one to push the other hence good performance.

So we want to create leaders on the field of play where everybody is going to push each other to perform well.”

Except the officially captain Denis Okot not only has temporarily given out his role under the influence of coach Mutebi but also his starting position.

The 26-year-old defender last appeared in KCCA’s starting XI in the fixture against Soana FC as a right wing back but bandless. He sat on bench in the fixture against Vipers and Proline.

KCCA line up for encounter with Soana. Okot starts but without arm band standing in the hind lane and looks down.