Da Costa is not scared on his future at Vipers Sports Club in spite of pressure orchestrated by print media.

Following the 3-1 defeat to KCCA last Tuesday, Vipers performance proved to be under par. They had played 7 games and registered a win.

Although Neither Lawrence Mulindwa nor fans have not manifestly crucified the Portuguese for the poor performance in as far as the expected standards are concerned, journalists definitely put him on the radar.

MIGUEL DA COSTA says coaches should be prepared in their first day in office to go

When asked about his future, Miguel Da Costa first of expressed disappointed in the unfair stories written about him on print media then explained how he is ready to go in case fired.

“What bothers me is not that question that you are making because I understand that question. What bothers me is, since the 3rd game of the championship, you’re asking me that. Why? I’m going to speak, for example about Mutebi. I like him, I like his job, I like his work. KCCA Started not so well, true? With many draws and I never saw people asking those things to Mutebi. Even on the newspapers, I never saw the people complaining of Mutebi but since the 3rd game, Newspapers ask questions. Why are you doing that? I don’t understand, why?”  lamented Da Costa

He lectured that any newly hired coach should be prepared to leave given their nature of job.

“I’m going to tell you one thing very honest. Any coach should always be ready to go. My bag is ready not from today. Since the first day, I reach.”

Mulindwa who hired Da Costa has not complained either

Da Costa also revealed how there are many coaching opportunities in Africa and comforted his personal worried fans that he is still around Africa.

“…and don’t worry, if anything happens, you’re going to see me very close to you in Africa. Because chances are there. A lot of them, a lot. I can tell you, but I’m not going to tell you but don’t worry. If they appear, you’re going to know it…”

In his conclusion, Da Costa said, the only problem is, he might have challenge in choosing the best one.