Shaban is ready to feature against Police FC for KCCA FC tomorrow at the Star Times Stadium Lugogo based on a tweet from the title holders.

“It’s official, Muhammad Shaban is a KCCA player and will make his debut against Uganda Police FC this Wednesday at the Star Times stadium.” Reads the tweet.

Meanwhile Onduparaka has denied releasing the boy FUFA appeals committee instructed to be released.

According to the report on the system, KCCA requested for the transfer of the player and Onduparaka was required to take action on the request within a week yet another interface released by FUFA to KCCA shows Shaban’s former club approved the request.

System shows Onduparaka has approved Shaban’s transfer

Except in a leaked conversation between Onduparaka C.E.O Afeti Anthony and Clive the P.R.O of KCCA, Anthony denied to have approved the request.

“Clive the system is supposed to look like this. And the person who approved isn’t from Onduparaka because I do the approval myself.”  Lamented Anthony.

Anthony speaks to clive

Meanwhile in Clives’ opinion the stage at which the matter has reached doesn’t require Onduparaka’s approval.

“All transfers in the system that are pending validation by FA do not revert to clubs when and if they go to player status. At this only FA can enter the system. At the moment, that case is closed.”  Said Clives.

Taking Anthony’s words into consideration, apparently persons responsible for development of access code to the system must have taken powers into their hands and wrongly executed duties not accorded to them.

Nevertheless, the conflict between the two clubs over the teenage striker seems not to end. It remains unclear if the lad will feature or not and in case he does, will there be consequences or not is based on rules and regulations written to govern such issues and the integrity to adhere to it.

Not forgetting if 22 Million fine Shaban is to pay Onduparaka through FUFA has be paid or not, the politics of this transfer is horrendous.