KCCA FC confidently spent 50M as a sign on fee to get Onduparaka’s Muhammad Shaban for themselves after a seemingly final FUFA player status committee verdict declared the teenager an unrestricted free agent who possessed the will to join any club of his choice.

Unfortunately business for the Kasasiro boys was later considered incomplete due to the appeal made by Onduparaka and the latest report shows Shaban having an active running contract with Onduparaka gives the Arua based club the leverage to dictate on the payer’s worth.

Speaking to Daily Monitor, Club C.EO Afeti Anthony said KCCA’s dealing with Shaban was an act of disrespect given the fact that the business deal was cut behind Onduparaka.

“KCCA disrespected us and we are ready to follow the matter to its logical conclusion. The player might have got his Shs50m sign-on fee but we can’t allow him to move at Shs20m. If we can’t get over Shs50m from our best player who even featured at AFCON, then when will we get that chance?

In Onduparaka’s letter to KCCA, they cautioned the Lugogo based club to avoid involving the player in fixtures and wearing the clubs training kits or even training with the club, KCCA has done the contrary and in that regards this is what Afeti said;

We have been lenient with KCCA and let the player train and play friendly matches for them but they are yet to seek a formal settlement with us

Nevertheless an insider from KCCA says regardless of the complication of the issue, they will finally reach an agreement and have Shaban play for them.

About a sign on fee: sometimes called signing bonus or sign-on bonus is a money paid to new player by a team as an incentive to join the club. Such figure is usually given intentionally to attract motivate players to join the club.