What would happen to Barcelona FC if Catalonia succeeded in the quest of independence from Spain?

Barcelona FC which is found in the Catalonia city of Barcelona supports the referendum on independence and their recent statement condemning the act of the Spanish government of denying Catalans the right vote proves it more.

“…..FC Barcelona condemns the events which have taken place in many parts of Catalonia today in order to prevent its citizens exercising their democratic right to free expression…” Read the Statement.

Barcelona fans protest on streets with message of Catalonia is not Spain

Laliga has reportedly threatened to expel Barcelona alongside Girona and Espanyol incase Catalonia becomes an independent state meaning the world’s most followed club will remain without a league to participate in.

Barcelona is not alone in view that Catalonia should become independent but also former footballers such as Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez including current player Gerrard Pique who took his picture voting participating in a referendum.

Gerrad Pique shows up in a voting exercise which Spanish government declared as unconstitutional

Meanwhile Xavi openly told the Spanish government to allow the people from Catalonia to vote peacefully as he described the unfolding events at northeastern Spain as embarrassment.

Barca seems unbothered about the threat because of the encouragement and support they gave to the inhabitants of the region.

Earlier on before retrieving their idea of postponement of the game, below is the information the club had released out

FC Barcelona In Remaining Faithful To Its Historic Commitment To The Defense Of The Nation, To Democracy, To Freedom Of Speech, And To Self-Determination, Condemns Any Act That May Impede The Free Exercise Of These Rights.  If The Game Today With Las Palmas Is To Go Ahead, Barcelona Fans Will Chant “Independence” At 17 Minutes and 14 Seconds into Each Half of the Game – A Tradition Marking The 1714 Siege Of Barcelona By Spain’s King Felipe V, Who Vanquished The Principality Of Catalonia As A Political Entity”

Blaugrana is likely to suffer an a setback as the Catalan government in case it will exist will have to set up and organize a football system that will definitely affect Barcelona’s commitment to international engagements such as champion’s league and others.

The consequence of Catalonia’s freedom goes beyond Barcelona as the Spanish national team will be affected since players that hail from Catalonia will pledge allegiance to the new state other than Spain.

However players that have represented national teams such as Pique, Iniesta, Jordi Alba, amongst others will continue to represent Spain according to FIFA rules.