Coach in the Uganda premier league advises angry fans who destroyed multibillion stadium to instead open up their anger on players, referee and coaches.

KCCA coach Mike Mutebi condemned the act of hooliganism by football fans following the destruction of facilities at the St. Mary’s Stadium Kitende by SC Villa fans after losing to Vipers SC by a goal to nil.

“………. Some body puts up a very good facility and because of a bad result, bad decision by the referee you vandalize the stadium, I don’t think it’s acceptable. If you have to vent your anger as a supporter, vent it to the coaches, the players for a bad result, to the referee but not hurting people. Hurting people is very dangerous, and this clique, there is a clique, me I know, just as you do, this clique is known. 20 people are not going to distract the bigger picture of the industry.” Said serious Mutebi.

Tom Matsiko celebrates his well curved freekick that resulted into a goal

The KCCA coach proposes culprits should be burnished from watching the game which in the recent times has picked up steadily and is beginning to attract sponsors.

“Football fraternity is trying to bring sponsors in order to grow the industry, if everybody in the industry is trying to grow our football industry and a few people who are known are going to vandalize facilities, we should burnish them from the stadium like it’s done elsewhere in the world you know, we are not going to have people who just come and distract everything in the excuse that a poor decision has been made.”

In Mutebi’s view, some of the people actually don’t go to the stadium to cheer the clubs, the use the platform to release their frustrations in other spheres of life.

Some of these people actually don’t come to really cheer their teams, they have a lot of problems, they come to these pitches to vent their problems, and they are not going to use our industry to vent their problems, that’s absolutely unacceptable.

Fans in Uganda are known for responding dubiously to wrong decisions made by referees, this is the second time the home of Vipers has been destroyed due to the feeling of fans.

In the previous season, Onduparaka fans similarly caused havoc which threatened a life of a young Vipers’ fan for which the football governing body FUFA fined them.