Shaban was signed and unveiled rapidly by KCCA earlier today to ensure that the transfer deadline ends when business is done and at least many football followers know it.

The manner and circumstance under which the transfer was accomplished still remains unbelievable but this being Uganda, nothing is impossible.

What is more unbelievable and mind blowing is Shaban speaking so ungratefully about the Club which gave him the platform to become what he is today.

Whilst the unveiling event was taking place at the Star Times Stadium-Lugogo, Onduparaka was preparing a press release document to announce to the world where they stand in regards to FUFA player committee ruling.

Can you believe it? Shaban actually claimed he wanted to go back to school? Shaban? Which school? Everyone knows Shaban hates class, black board and the white color of books and chalks not forgetting how bad the blue ink of pen smells to him, how dare would he lie that he misses school?

However the most appalling, unexpected, unspeakable, bewildering writing in that press release document is how Shaban claims he regretted playing for Onduparaka.

“….Shaban lodged a formal complaint to the player status committee on 17th September 2017 informing the committee of his request to the club to be released. Further that he was not interested in playing for the club and Infact he regretted playing for Onduparaka… reads part of the statement.

Before getting angry with him totally also understand that the 19-year-old striker contributed to your beloved team by scoring goals that brought the club to first tier. Forget About the Power Sinach of Christ embassy walks in, Shaban also gave you pride to walk in power and miracle all over Uganda.

Forgive and let life continue as you have Agau, Okhuti, Ndugwa, Bida, Living, and many other promising players. By the way, you were voted the best fan in Uganda last season so you ought to defend your title instead of letting rage into your hearts.