KCCA finally signed Shaban from Onduparaka without the consent of the Arua based club after FUFA player status committee illogically ruled in favour of the teenage sensational and declared the player a free agent hence possessed the liberty to join any club of his choice.

A day before, Shaban accompanied by his biological father sat in a meeting with the committee officials in the presence of Onduparaka C.E.O Mr. Afeti Anthony in which he explained to the committee reasons why he wills for the contract to be terminated of which family private issues and academic matters that were affecting his performance in the pitch were mentioned.

Shaban, Dad and company in FUFA house during a meeting with player status committee

Much as Onduparaka didn’t breach the signed contract as admitted by FUFA player status committee, board ruled in favour of the now new signing of KCCA citing reasons such as protecting the player’s football career as long as the club is compensated amongst others.

KCCA FC gained the confidence of signing the player immediately today in undisclosed but three years contract. During the unveiling, unexplainably and oddly apart from Mike Mutebi, Muhammad Shaban and another new signing from FC Leopard of Kenyan Allan Kateregga were disallowed from speaking to journalists and neither were journalists allowed to ask questions from the players.

Mike Mutebi was the only one who spoke to the Journalists

The KCCA coach said Shaban was mishandled in his former club but under him, there will be maximum control of the striker. Infact Mutebi in his own words said this…

“…the young one promised so much when he came on the scene and he was distracted, so bringing him here means we have a responsibility to first of all tame him. Where he has been, he has been the King of the area. Here, there is not first among equals but he is a very young promising footballer.”

Meanwhile as the unveiling was being done, Onduparaka released an official press statement regarding the player. In the Statement the management of the club admitted having received offers from KCCA FC worth 20,000,000 Uganda shillings but explained business couldn’t be done because many events were unfolding rapidly.

“.. Shaban Muhammad tabled a request letter to Onduparaka FC on 13th September 2017 under the subject “Transfer” wherein he asked to be released to go and pursue his studies, and also expressed his discontent for having been stripped of captaincy. On 15th September just two days after his request for release to go and pursue his studies, Onduparaka received a request for release of Shaban to KCCA FC who were seeking to contract the player on permanent basis, a request the club put under consideration; however before the club responded to his request, Shaban lodged a formal complaint to the player status committee on 17th September 2017 informing the committee of his request to the club to be released. Further that he was not interested in playing for the club and Infact he regretted playing for Onduparaka.  On 18th September 2018, we received a bid offer from KCCA FC for 20,000,000 shillings as contractual fee for the player and Onduparaka FC responded indicating that whereas the club would have.” wished to engage in this process, there was a pending complaint before the club would have engagement on the player”

Given the fact that the player’s committee ruling instructs that before the player Muhammad Shaban is granted a license to play for any club, there must be evidence that the club Onduparaka FC is duly compensated fairly to an agreed figure or evidence that the club Onduparaka FC has agreed to be compensated an agreed figure and at a particular agreed date of payment in the future, it remains unclear if unveiling of Shaban before agreement between KCCA and Onduparaka is logical and legal.