Shaban to KCCA FC has been the hottest topic of discussion in Ugandan football as far as transfers are concerned and Friday 21st being the deadline has put quite a number of fans and analysts in suspense of weather the seemingly unhappy striker could end up in what he deems as land of milk and honey or remain in Egypt.

Reliable print media’s and TV stations literally have confirmed Shaban is as good as KCCA player based on the diplomatic words of Mike Mutebi and information from the player himself but Onduparaka being the mother club though hasn’t made a formal press release, soccer 256 has been able to gather data from insiders and in a logical understanding the teenagers move could be the most complicated one ever in this country’s football history this generation will see.

The reliable source explains that the club is not willing to sell the St. Mary’s Kitende graduate to the rival team. Although reasons were not outlined, it’s thought that Onduparaka considers Shaban being disrespectful to the club with his Facebook posts and feels disappointed in him after all they have done for him.

Besides in one of the club P.R.O’s social media posts, he blatantly said the club was done with recruiting and letting out players. These were his own words;

“Onduparaka fc have closed the chapter of recruiting and letting out players, right now we are focusing on winning our fixtures game per game.”

Meanwhile Shaban’s side of story is quite different, it’s reportedly said the Ugandan striker expressed disappointment in the manner he is paid and the trick the club played during signing of the contract. From our reliable source, we understand that part of the frustration in his heart is about Onduparaka’s inability to pay him signing fee and the fact that the contract he thought was between him and the club was actually between him and forward zone. He thought it was wrong for them to entice him sign a contract without his father’s knowledge.

Also although the player may not admit this, but it counts. The stripping of captaincy band from him could have brought jealousy and discouragement. Yet the club did him favour, during a press conference weeks ago, the initially idea of leaving his arm completely naked was revised. Toha remained the captain as Shaban was put the vice. On lookers, confirmed that immediately when the announcement was made, the father must have felt it was unfair hence called for the player and the two walked out of the conference room.

Shaban used to be the captain of Onduparaka

Whereas KCCA FC through Mike Mutebi acknowledged the players interest in joining them, Mutebi said the player is not yet theirs but Onduparaka’s. Nevertheless said they would welcome him to the club because his qualities would be of high use. Now the player is forcing a move of which his club is not willing to allow, he and his father seems determined to accomplish this move through the desert, the question is, is it legal? Won’t there be back fires? What will FUFA’s stand be?

Well, record show that Ugandan players have ever dumped their clubs before for greener pastures and FUFA has never intervened. This could have happened because of the kind of contract they might have signed and club’s failure to commit to terms and conditions.

An example would be Sadam Juma’s move from Express to KCCA which happened during non-transfer season. It looks like Sadam inspires Shaban unknowingly but something that might make the Arua boy’s rubber hit the road is the legitimate agency in South Africa that manages Onduparaka players and conducts their transfers called forward zone. From our reliable source, it’s said even if Onduparaka decides to open the door, forward zone is unwilling as they undermined KCCA’s bid.

Mike Mutebi and Sadam Juma during the unveiling of the Midfielder

Reports also indicate that Shaban with the influence of his father who acts as his agent wrote to FUFA about his issue, and they also convinced KCCA beyond reasonable doubt that this intended move is authentic but a football and policy analyst explains that if FUFA’s integrity and ethics are not compromised, they will look into the authenticity of Shaban’s contract which is surely authentic and with a registered agency.

No wonder forward zone had the authority and power to block Shaban’s move to Zagreb, Kazakhstan and Albania. Secondly FUFA through the player’s committee will have to consider if Onduparaka dishonored the contract by missing to pay the striker’s wage in some certain months of which soccer 256 confirmed that the payments were diligently done.

What next will happen? FUFA will advise Shaban to bend down to his parent club given the fact that he surely has been receiving his 1.5m plus monthly wages . In case the zealous 19-year-old disobeys, that could be the beginning of once a hopefully glorious career turning to a frustrating one.