Fans turned their gun towards their lovely striker Mo Shaban after the 19-year-old wrote an indecipherable text on his Facebook page.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the football fraternity of West Nile and Onduparaka in particular for the support rendered to me throughout the time I was playing for the club. Due to circumstances surrounding my stay in Arua and Onduparaka in particular I may knowingly or unknowingly offend different people in different ways ranging from Management, technical staff, the media and the fans. I would wish to sincerely apologize for any of my actions that may have affected the club directly or indirectly. Football is a game of peace, love and harmony, I therefore feel very grateful to the level that I have achieved in the game of football. We have to live in harmony regardless of whether I leave or not. Thanks to the management and all my fans and best wishes for my teammates.” Reads the post

Nevertheless it was simple for a section of fans to believe Shaban simply meant goodbye to Onduparaka hence provoked them to speak unworthy yet in the context of frustration words to the player.

“You are our food, drank our water, we gave you a car and you repay us by opting for a rival team? What goes around, comes around” said one of the fans.

Onduparaka considers KCCA FC a direct rival because of the 7–1 humiliation the caterpillars endured at the Star Times stadium last season.

An article written on daily monitor and Kawoowo sports clearly explained how complete the deal of the transfer is. According to both media houses, their reliable source of information which was both close associates of Shaban and the club’s administration confirmed Shaban was no longer Onduparaka player.

On the other side club PRO Otelul dismissed any developments, he said the player was going nowhere the club was done with player recruitment and offsetting activities.

“I wonder what is wrong with my fellow Onduparaka fans…last week in a conference Shaban clearly said he wanted to remain at the club and win trophies before thinking about where to go next but today Rumour mongers “Monitor” published a story that Shaban wants to leave the club. Before official confirmation by the club management, the fans started to insult him which to me is very unfair. Whether Shaban leaves or not, he has made all of us proud and he deserves some bit of respect.” Wrote Otelul

The two nil victory over Maroons today inspired by Caesar Okhuti has cooled the heart of a couple of fans whose attention has been diverted and finally accepted they can survive without the lethal boy.