Gigi Gift Ali a product of Kampala SS and KKL who in the later years was groomed in the Proline academy has officially said good bye to the club that natured him.

Gigi joined Proline in 2010 and has over the years grown to a better player in his seven years with the club.

“About 7 years ago (2010) Proline Football club, a club that will remain in my heart gave me the amazing opportunity to be nurtured from the Academy but more than anything I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to play for them in front of the amazing fans for all that time.” Said Gigi.

The player who once played and captained the Kobs team thanked Mujib Kasule for the opportunity they offered him as a young boy to have played for the team in front of the amazing of fans all the time.

He said Proline is his home however it is up for him to open up a new chapter in his life. He also acknowledged support from fans and thanked them.

“Proline is my home” but I believe the time is right to open a new chapter for myself as I move to Police Fc. I can only say thank you to the club, especially the director Mr. Mujib Kasule and the entire management plus the coaching staff. To the fans that have supported me from the first day to my teammates who helped me settle in since day 1 not only as mates but as friends I say THANK YOU.”

Police FC club got the signatures of the midfielder last month but he’d not publicly said anything in that regard. In the bit of his message, he also wished the club success

“Today I say goodbye to Proline but I take with me many memories, lessons and great moments that will stay with me forever. It has been one of the best times spent at the club. Lastly I want to wish Proline much success for the future. Thank you Proline FC, thank you Manager Kato.” Said Gigi Gift Ali.

Gigi played his last match for Proline against Kirinya Jinja SS on 20th May this year. His contract with Police FC will last for two years.