Toha’s Onduparaka will play their first fixture of the season 2017/ 2018 against Proline FC on Tuesday 12th Sept at the Green Light Stadium.

Onduparaka has the best yet negatively craziest fans in the entire country because of the adoring love they’ve expressed of which the whole nation knows and ruffian behaviors they exhibit whenever the team loses.

What is disturbing to everyone about their followers is their reactions in times of defeat, speaking to journalists in a press conference in Arua today, Toha addressed a couple of things including the rowdiness of fans.

The Onduparaka captain appreciated the love they’ve received from fans and also aired out the fact that they work hard except in certain days results just don’t come out.

“I want to appreciate the fans, of course they are passionate for the team, but there is one fact they have to understand is that we as players work hard with the technical team, and we work with the demand of the technical team, so whatever game we play, we give our best our 100% but sometimes things don’t work out and I hope this season they will get to understand that.” Said Toha.

He additional explained that football in the top tier has unpredictable days unlike in big league where they would be so sure of victory after victory.

“This is Uganda premier league, it’s not like big league where we know every game we are going to play, we’ll win. So we are trying as much as possible, to at least have better season than last season. It’s not a kind of assurance but it’s something we are going to work for.” concluded the new club captain.

Meanwhile in the same meeting, New signing Allan was asked about how he has prepared to compete in the league and his confidence level. This is what had to say;

“Coming from a different team and different environment, a lower team to a top team which is in the premier league, it’s a big challenge to me, and it’s a team with high expectations, but the most important thing is what I am learning from the senior players. I am not a player who is going to be like Mohammad Shaban, because he is a big player, who can produce results, but I am a player, who can come in, do something but then also has future plans because I have been signed in a long term contract. I hope to learn from senior players, learning from Ceaser Okhuti, Karim Ndugwa, and Mohammad Shaban. Every day is a challenge and every day being a challenge makes me learn, and I hope after sometime, I will be better player.” Said the midfielder.

When asked what different thing he has seen in his new club Onduparaka compared to where he was before, the midfielder said:

Other teams have been like in academy level, teams that don’t give 100% but at Onduparaka even at training ground, everyone gives 100%. Everyone giving 100% means he wants to play. Another difference is, unlike in other teams I have been to, in Onduparaka every player is good in his position meaning you have to fight every day for your position.

Besides Allan, some of the new players Onduparaka signed are Nicolas Sebwato, Rashid Okocha, Karim Ndugwa, Leku (on season long loan from Vipers), Aniku Osso, Bida Ezra, Kakooza, Busobozi, Viane, Aggrey, and others.