Wenger has been on tension since the season began due to the defeat Arsenal suffered to stoke and Liverpool respectively. Additionally he said he wouldn’t exchange all he has won with Arsenal for Champions League trophy.

The Gunner’s coach who has served the club for over two decades happens to be the active longest serving manager in the English Premier league but that isn’t a thing to brag about as fans all over the world criticize the French man for not winning Champions League.

In a recent interview, he admitted how difficult it was for him to extend his two years contract due to the fact that he wasn’t sure if he had the ability to manage the team anymore.

When asked about his thought in regard to being around for several years without Champions League trophy, Arsene preferred Premier League to Champions and said he wouldn’t exchange all trophies won under him for Champions League.

Below are some of the unique yes and no answers the 67 years replied to the questions asked:

Q: Could you ever coach another club?

Wenger: Yes.

Q: Have you had contact with PSG?

Wenger: Yes.

Q: Would you swap all your trophies for one Champions League?

Wenger: No.

Q: But not having won it really bothers you?

Wenger: No.

Q: Can you win league this year?

AW: Yes.

Q: Are you disappointed with your transfer window?

AW: No.