Church has been Neymar’s thing since child hood and the relationship between the most expensive player in God’s universe with God dates back about 20 years ago.

It’s reportedly said, Neymar fell in love with God particularly when Church offered his child hood nonprofessional football team a ground to train and play at.

The former Barcelona striker admitted to returning tithe, the 10% of his earning as ordered by the scriptures in the book of Malachi where God talks of returning what belongs to Him and watch Him open the heaven’s gate to pour out blessings.

The signing of Neymar at a world record fee of €222m (£198m) by Paris Saint German came with hefty weekly net wage of €600,000 (£540,000)

This simply means weekly or monthly depending on his local church policy, Neymar will return £54,000 weekly and £216,000 monthly to the house of Lord for the next Five years in case the tithe is accepted from net. However if the church requires a gross, then the figures will be more

The table below explains a summary of Neymar’s contribution to the Church the next five years on net earnings

WeeklyMonthlyAnnuallyTotal five years


Amazingly God requires His Children to bring into his house 10% of their earning, remember Neymar earns outside football and according to Forbes, the striker is one of world’s highest paid athlete with $ 22m endorsement.

Calculate the 10% he gets from global sponsors Nike, Gillette, Panasonic and Beats by Dre of that for yourself.

In the book written by Luca Caioli entitled Neymar “The Unstoppable Rise of Barcelona’s Brazilian Super star”, it was cited that Neymar is motivated by God to contribute for Church development and for charity willingly besides the tithe.

The signing of Neymar attracted the attention of France President and Minister of Finance because of many reason including amongst which the tax France government would get from the new PSG signing.

“If in fact Neymar does come to a French club, the budget minister will be delighted at the tax that he will be able to pay in France. It’s better for this player to pay his tax in France rather than pay it elsewhere” Said French Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin on French inter radio.

Reports have it that income tax rate for people who earn more than €152,261 a year is 45%, given Neymar’s salary he will possible enrich the French capital by over €25,000,000 annually.