Barcelona conceived Neymar’s decision to terminate his contract and accepted the €222m brought by Neymar’s lawyers so as trigger the release clause.

This afternoon, legal representatives of Neymar presented themselves at the club offices and have completed, in the name of the player, the payment of €222m as compensation for the unilateral termination of the contract that bound both parties.” reads the statement.

Barcelona received the figure inspite of Laliga’s refusal to endorse the deal earlier on, however in the same statement, Barcelona also made it clear that they will submitted details of the transaction to UEFA.

The intention is to make the authorities to execute the necessary punishment toward the French giants for having broken the UEFA Financial Fair play regulations.

“….at the same time, the club will pass the details of the operation to UEFA in order that they can address the disciplinary responsibilities that may arise from this case…” concluded the statement.

The UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations (FFP) were developed in order to prevent football clubs from spending beyond their means in the names of succeeding.

The decision was made in 2009 to control European clubs because of the long terms financial implications it could cause including dissolving of clubs.

Michel Platini the former UEFA President once said:

“Fifty per cent of clubs are losing money and this is an increasing trend. We needed to stop this downward spiral. They have spent more than they have earned in the past and haven’t paid their debts. We don’t want to kill or hurt the clubs; on the contrary, we want to help them in the market. The teams who play in our tournaments have unanimously agreed to our principles…living within your means is the basis of accounting but it hasn’t been the basis of football for years now. The owners are asking for rules because they can’t implement them themselves – many of them have had it with shoveling money into clubs and the more money you put into clubs, the harder it is to sell at a profit.”

According to UEFA, the agreed regulations provide for sanctions to be taken against clubs that break the rules by leaving in a surplus budget.

Hence the penalty towards such wrongdoing are disqualification from the European competitions, financial penalty, withholding of prize money, and player transfer bans.