Musisi for FUFA presidency sound insane because of the fact that she has no football background at all besides not being a politician but objectively she is the best person for the Job, after all what does it take to become a politician?

Ever since appointed by the President of Uganda to materialize development in the Kampala city, Musisi for the past five years has without fear our favour implemented many logical and illogical policies depending on how masses view it hence received international recognition amidst criticism from some indigenous people.

The lady whose touch on everything turns to Gold rubbed shoulders with many political figures like Erias Lukwago and some Army men but admirable her integrity and determination is something that lacks in the Administration of Ugandan football.

Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago greets his former nemesis ED Musisi

Inspite of not having been a football person, as she said, she started watching matches because of KCCA FC’s direct attachment with the authority she administers, Musisi’s administrative ways have brought positive impact on the Kasasiro boys.

Mike Mutebi once said the reason he returned to coaching KCCA FC was because of the change in the way things are done. Surely the change Mutebi talks of was master minded by Musisi.

Her audacity and courage to confront unserious individuals has resulted into KCCA lifting trophies back to back, lifting a double, competing in the intercontinental fixtures and attracting big sponsorship deals from Startimes, Britam, and the recent MTN Uganda mega three year deal worth 2.90 billion shillings.

Recent contract termination of historic coach Micho happened simply because of lack of financial integrity and prudence by the FUFA administrators who claimed the federation was incapable of paying the national team coach wage.

The questions that remains haunting are; what kind of administrators hires an employee they are unable to pay. The $10,000 monthly wage they accepted on Micho’s contract, where did they expect such money to come from? Why do they hire a coach whose salary is beyond their budget?

Besides many other questions anyone could ask, the recent figure FUFA submitted to the government when requested showed over UGX200M was used to pay the national team coach and hardly did a week pass than Micho screamed from the desert.

Magogo’s leadership has come under scrutiny for corruption and lack of integrity in many times, and all the administrative weaknesses have direct negative consequences on the national tier league, national football team, the refereeing department etc.

Reigning FUFA president Moses Magogo seats next to former KCCA FC Chairman Julius Kabugo

From the looks of things time is up that FUFA might need an inexperienced leader in the game of football whose principles regarding money, servanthood, and work can’t be tampered with.

In the writers point of view Jennifer Musisi considering her academic qualification in administration, Experience in URA and now KCCA, her little experience in football with KCCA FC is the best candidate that needs a chance to be tried after all Nakiwala Kiyingi has been voted in one of the posts already.

All that that is left is the football family of Uganda to embrace this fact, and Musisi as well needs to show interest in the politics of football, then the born again football fans need to pray to their Jesus to divinely speak to her so that she takes Joshua’s position and delivers Uganda Cranes and football in this nation to the promise land.

Photo Credit: KCCA FC Archives