Micho Sredojevic congratulates Geofrey Sserunkuma for winning the UPL Most Valuable Player of the season 2016/2017 award yesterday.

The event awards which was mainly dominated by KCCA FC family was held at Imperial Royal hotel but managed to capture the minds of Coach who is believed to have resigned from serving Uganda in football mentally and physically but not officially.

Amidst the bad relationship between the Serbian and FUFA due to the nonpayment arrears of six months’ worth UGX210M, the 47-year-old coach out of love for Uganda went on to his twitter and posted;

“Sincere CONGS to our SERUNKUMA GEOFFREY u proved that hard work with God given gift to score in your dream season 2016/17 won for u UPL awards”

Undoubtedly outgoing national football team coach’s tweet has a hidden meaning that could only be understood if studied profoundly, the choice of word especially ‘Our’ in all ways means Micho is still part of the country.

On 25th this month, Micho repudiated NBS, a local Television sports personal views about his future with the national team.

In the sports program it was written Micho Yegenze Tebunnalaba, loosely translated as “Micho has said he is gone but it’s not clear”

However the Uganda Cranes fan as he has always said, again made it clear that everything else is speculation and truth is only known by FUFA.

“Disgusted self-appointed Medie Katanyonta without my authority talk nonsense about me yet only right address is FUFA that knows all SHAME NBS”

Micho has made some statements that could mean the tactician who took Uganda to the promise land of AFCON after nearly four decades has finally decided to leave. Dennis Onyango speaking to Kwesse Sports confirmed that the coach was tired and wants it quits.

But the recent tweets from Micho only shows maturity in a coach that is said to be on demand by many clubs in Africa including Orlando Pirates.

His tweets as well shows spirit of servant hood, a person whose service delivery is not provoked by paycheck but heavy heart.