Onduparaka released a statement regarding the reshuffling of positions and names of freed players more than a fortnight ago. The document shows Livingstone was given new role which is team Manager as Leo Adraa was made head of technical team.

The new system is similar to how football is managed in Europe and specifically England, an interesting football management system that perplexes multitudes in the entire universe including Onduparaka fans.

This website took an initiative to research about the relationship, differences and similarities amongst Club Chairman, Manager and Coaches, Technical directors etc and below are the findings;

The Club Manager:

Unlike in some parts of Europe where clubs have team coach dealing with training and monitoring of players in the pitch, if not all, most of the English Premier League Clubs and some Bundesliga Clubs hire managers to perform deeper roles.

Besides conducting trainings in the field, and monitoring the youth development, the manager is tasked to manage the team in the real sense of the word management.

That would include the financial aspects, hiring assistants, making major decisions in hiring employees in other fields like medical, youth team coach and so on.

The Manager is also responsible to develop the club in aspects of its assets such as Stadium, restaurants, and other income generating activities, cut good deals with sponsors, determine and evaluate player values, decides on which player to sell and buy amongst others.

Lastly, besides seeking for sponsorship deals which is more seen and applicable in small clubs, a manager is expected to have a technical knowhow of football, general knowledge about the game, and making the final decision on the line up for a fixture.

Detailed roles of a club manager

  • Liaise with all team members, parents, coaches and officials to ensure all are informed of training, competition and club functions.
  • Attend to administration matters as directed by the secretary.
  • Liaise with the players, coaches and the General Committee, acting as a liaison officer between the club and the team.
  • Document any problems that arise between team members, parents, coaches and supporters and present these to the Secretary or General Committee.
  • Coordinate return of equipment to appropriate storage area after training and matches.
  • Coordinate submission of team sheets and match reports to secretary after both home and away matches.
  • Ensure all players pay their membership fees and other required payments on time.
  • Determine weekly awards with appropriate coaches and support staff.


Of course the Manager performs all the mentioned roles with the help of scouts, financial analysts, assistant coach, goal keeping coach and professional advisers in different fields bearing in mind that he has most powers.

And they are usually accountable to club president’s, secretary and general committee of the club including the coach of the team they manage.

A typical example of manager is Arsene Wenger of Arsenal, the retired former Manchester United manager Sir. Alex Ferguson, Current Man United Manager Jose Mourinho, Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp, Bayern Munich’s Carlos Ancelotti, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Manager Niko Kovač.

Team coach/ Head Coach/ Head of technical team:  

Often used differently in other clubs whereas concurrently in some clubs, a team Coach/ Head Coach/ head of technical team is a departmental leader, who specifically deals in the section of playing the game, i.e. tactical and technical.

A coach is responsible for training players in the pitch, working together with goal keeping coach, making line up which is subject to change in case the team has a manager whose job description includes technical knowhow and involvement in the technical and tactical bit of the team.

Based on how the team administrative set up is, a team coach is also responsible for deciding on which player should be kept or released.

For example in teams where power is vested less to the coach, they only submit names of players they would want to release and or be bought.

Then it’s upon the Manager or Club Chairman/president/Patron depending on the administrative system or structure of that particular club to endorse buying and selling the said players.

Under usual circumstances  regardless of how less powerful a coach is in a specific club, Managers, Chairman/ President/ Patron have less influence on retaining players a coach wants released or sold otherwise conflicts will happen and team performance could be affected.

Depending how and what the club policies says about their roles often times players which coaches desire to be bought may not be bought if Club Chairman, President/ Patron deems the player market value is overestimated and could have negative financial implications.

Although the team/ head coach methodology of management is mostly used by clubs and commonly observed in Spanish clubs such as Barcelona whose Coach is Ernesto Valverde, and Real Madrid whose Head is Coach Zinadine Zidane.

The system is as well widely used in the National football team, very good example are German national football team Coach Joachim Jaw, and Uganda Cranes Coach Micho Sredojevic.

Some few clubs in German Bundesliga have head coaches and coaches. For example such as Borussia Dortmund has head coach Peter Bosz, Hamburger SV’s head coach Markus Gisdol, SV Werder Bremen’s Coach Alexander Nouri and Hertha BSC’s head coach Pál Dárdai.

The system is believed to be the best for the national teams because clubs in each country and top tier leagues act as part of the player development structure.

So the Football governing bodies usually has C.E.O and Presidents that do the management hence coaches are hired to operationalize policies so as to achieve the final expected results, which is winning the game, how a coach does it is upon him.

Possible implication of the New Role of Leo Adraa and Livingstone Mbabazi at Onduparaka

From the findings it’s important to note and understand that there isn’t any standard rule set by football governing body on which position plays which role or responsibility.

The responsibility of Managers, Head Coaches, head of technical team etc vary from one club to another and entirely the standards are set by individual clubs.

Sources from Onduparaka reveal the reason why Mbabazi was appointed a manager is because of his training he pursued in Ireland.

It’s said the former Somalia National Football team head coach who once retired from playing the game due to heart complications studied a holistic football management course which involves coaching, management, philosophy and psychology.

It’s on this grounds that the CAF license B holder is entrusted the heavy role of managing the team which probably implies he and Adraa who was given the role of head of technical team could be accountable to each other.

Considering Mbabazi’s academic qualifications and experience of the game, he seems to be responsible for the ultimate decision making regarding which players to sign and offload, how the lineup should be and which style to play, conducting the daily training activities with the help of assistant coach etc but with advice from head of technical affairs Adraa.

Technical director or head of technical affairs is a position derived purposely to independently perform the duties that would be executed by Director of football, since history explains how director of football undermines the manager’s role, head of technical affairs has been implored for smooth running of activities.

If Adraa’s position as head of technical affairs is taken in the real sense then chances are high that he is responsible for;

  • Advising in areas where the manager seems less experienced.
  • Act as intermediary between managers and the board.
  • Relieve pressure off the manager by handling issues far from day-to-day coaching so that the manager can focus on pitch performance.
  • Step in to managing the club in emergency times e.g. when manager gets fired abruptly or natural disaster such as death occurs.
  • Help in monitoring the academy of the club, training grounds, infrastructure, medical issues, physiotherapy, conditioning, fitness, nutrition, hydration, rest, well, being and culture and behavioral standards within the club.

As a technical director, the expectations are high and beyond the single first team management. Head of technical affairs could also be responsible for coaching programmes and philosophy (coaching the coaches).

In some clubs head of technical affairs or technical directors are considered as general managers, so for those wondering between Mbabazi and Adraa, who will be standing at the touch line on match days for Onduparaka, in my personal view as the writer of this article, Livingstone Mbabazi will stand.

Like mentioned before, clubs have their own ways of doing things, don’t be surprised to see how different the two will perform their roles in Onduparaka when the new season for Azam Uganda Premier League 2017/2018 kick starts.