Shaban has been stripped of captaincy by Onduparaka FC, a socking decision that the management deems it ‘good for businesses’.

For those that have had their eyes and ears watching and listening to the conflict between the club PRO Otelul and son of the soil Haruna Mawa in Facebook at least can confirm where the problem began.

The club has faced pressure from soccer personnel’s of Mawa’s caliber due to the influence they have on their players not forgetting the photo Shaban took with KCCA’s big men including Erias Lukwago and others.

As a result it’s believable the negative comments from outsiders successfully influenced the 19-year-old mind hence his comment on his Facebook page.

According to local media sports website, Shaban posted on his Facebook page “some people using him like a slave as part of their of earning a living.”

Although Soccer256 is unable to confirm if such a post exists on the cranes striker’s wall, at least it’s confirmed that the goal warrior has been stripped of the captaincy role hence replaced by Toha Rashid ‘Per’.

Replying to a question put forth by Soccer256 regarding why the move by Onduparaka, Mr. Otelul said;

“Every player is responsible for what they do or say on social media, we are trying to hike professionalism in the team.”

The question then remains, was it necessary to strip the skipper of his role anyway?

People who have been in the soccer business for many years will tell you yes whereas other will decline with their own reasons however soccer 256 explains why it was a difficult but good call

  1. If it is true that Shaban wrote on his wall a lamenting post about commissioners, then that is a sign that player is not happy at the same time breaching an agreement the club felt he needed to honor.
  2. Fame can make anyone feel matchless, the difference is how the super star treats others in their times of popularity. From the looks of things the young lad is beginning to feel bigger than the club hence he needed to be brought a few notches down.
  3. Yes it was very difficult decision to make because it would could trigger him to decide to leave however coaches and analysts will tell you once a player wants to exit then they should be released otherwise a club is bound to suffer financial loss and witness poor service deliver by the player.

That been said, anyone can comment their ideas too meanwhile for now if not the whole of Arua at least Onduparaka fans should be ready to receive any negative reaction from Shaban, both negative or positive including departure.