Betway probably is not only the most popular online betting company but also offline. The hefty investment they’ve put in publicity alongside their involvement in sponsoring local clubs has opened them way to the Ugandan market just within 700 days.

Besides the advantages of betting online brought by Betway  such as saving time, and shunning long queues, the system has disadvantages that many have either realized or are bound to experience soonest.

Regardless of whatever it is, Soccer256 carried an investigation after hearing complaints from some clients of the betting company in relation to the lack of clarity in odds, and potential returns.

To be very sure this platform had to wait for a tangible and realistic evidence that could blame the betting company of cheating.

With evidence from a particular client that will be discussed in the fourth coming paragraphs, many clients believe Betway cheats.

When asked how sure their claims are, some couldn’t hold on to the discussion as they felt frustrated yet don’t have evidence apart from verbal explanation.

Betway cheats us, the bad thing is that I didn’t snap shoot to prove. Besides it’s of no use because the money they cheat is less than the transport I could use to visit their offices or pay telephone bills to call them.” Said a client.

Some other client also said that, they remember one time depositing 2,000/= via MTN mobile money and transferred the cash to their online account but disappointingly the money never showed up in their Betway online account. On asking why they didn’t follow up, this is what they had to say;

“…now following 2,000/= is loss. Because first of all when I buy airtime to call customer care, I will be listening to computer speaking and by the time a human being comes online, my airtime worth 2,000/= or more would have been over!”

A particular Betway client by the names Kiba confirms the lack of integrity of the company system with proves of snap shots on his phone. In one ticket, it shows Kiba placed bet amount of 8,500/= for an odd of 3.08 as shown below;

Fig. 1

Which potential return is 26,180/= as shown below;

Fig 2

A meticulous look on the above image in Fig 2 doesn’t show the placed 8,500/= but rather shows 2,000/= with an odd of 3.08 but potential return of 26,180/=. Kiba said he confirmed the bet and below is the image to prove.

Fig 3

Of course the system either made deliberate or undeliberate error because 2,000×3.08=6,160/= not 26,180/= but why he continued to confirm the bet was because he knew the potential return was worth the amount he placed.

“I remember before, I had 8,500/= when I confirmed the bet, my account balance read zero shillings. That means the system deducted every single money in my account although it showed I placed 2,000/=” Quoted Kiba

To his dismay, he received a congratulatory message on his phone from Betting company saying his bet ID59706103 paid out 6,160/= contrary to the Bet ID 59704848 that was to yield 26,180/= as shown below;

Fig 4

Mr. Christopher who attendant to Kiba via email address has this in response to his complaint…..

Fig 5

Attendant Mr. Christopher’s explanation seems right, but still leaves unanswered questions like;

  1. Why did the screen shot image in Fig 2 show placed figure 2,000/= multiplied by odd of 3.08 equal to 26,180/=?
  2. How comes the image in Fig 1 shows the placed bet 8,500/= with Odd 3.08 had potential return of 26,180/=?
  3. Why should trust be put on a system that multiplies 2,000 by 3.08 to give 26,180/=?
  4. If the system could make an error in multiplying figures, what is the possibility that whatever information the system is showing to the administrators like Mr. Christopher is authentic?
  5. And finally, did Mr. Christopher even send a single screen shot of what the system was showing to the client for evidence?

Kiba said, he went to the Betway offices at the Boulevard building in Kampala Road but didn’t get the help he expected.

“I thought maybe I needed to visit these people and have an offline conversation about it but our meeting with them at their offices was in vain. I remember being attended to be some nice dark skinned quite fat lady who spoke nicely, she said they valued their esteemed customers and she could see something isn’t right with the system but unfortunately the system mastermind is abroad. She took my name and number as she promised to handle my issue personally, since then I haven’t gotten any call from her yet it’s already more than a week. ” Commented Kiba

In another incident clientele Kiba’s ticket Bet ID 60547674  had 3 events and placed bet amount of 15,000/= for a total odd of 4.32 which would yield potential return of 64,800/= as shown below;


When the bet ID won, instead of company crediting Kiba’s account with 64,800/=, the congratulatory message came as below;

Fig 10

The image in Fig 10 shows Kiba received 63,504/=, an amount less by 1,296/=. When asked if Kiba contacted customer care to inquire what really went wrong, this is what he had to say;

“…the customer attendant obviously defends the system, they tend to put trust in their system which has proven unfair to me in two different occasions.”  Said Kiba

The attendant said, at the time the client submitted their bet, Odds changed. Below is the snap shot of their reply;

Fig 11

Soccer 256 understands from reliable source of information that in the betting industry, odds are set on the bases of relative strength of participants, prevailing condition, expectation of where money will be placed but subject to change due to factors such as new information like team selection, injury news, Market confidence since more information drives more liquidity in the market and also where money is going determines which way the odds move.

Questions then that remain lingering and unanswered are;

  1. Why would the system show an Odd that is convincing to client and allow them to confirm bet with such an Odd when in reality behind the scene Odds had been changed by bookmakers?
  2. How true is that the odds actually changed since apart from the workers of the betting company no one has a view on their internal system?
  3. Could it be that the company claims odds were changed yet they did it intentional so that the client does not get the figure and the company doesn’t lose much?
  4. Or employees of the company actually release a less amount to customers and accumulate the little amount for themselves without the consent of the company?

It is normal for anyone to despise the figures the company extract from clients deserved money because they seem negligible.

However mathematicians and accountants can attest to this, petty cash when accumulates can actually make effective amount of money.

For example in one occasion in which Kiba deserved to receive 26,180/= but instead received 6,160/=, a figure less by 20,020/=.

Assuming 1,000 bettor’s money is given less by that figure then the perpetrators responsible would have earned 20,020,000/= within 24 hours by fraud.

With the verbal narration of anonymous bettors and practical proven evidence of Kiba, it clearly shows something is either wrong with BETWAY Uganda online’s system or the system is infiltrated by thieves!