Onduparaka To Retain Adraa And Mbabazi But Fire…

Onduparaka to retain the technical and tactical personnel Leo Adraa and Livingstone Mbabazi but fire the unexpected characters from the club.

The team from Arua received much hype due to the influence they brought to the Ugandan top tier through their victory over traditional giants, keeping clean home sheet and soccer loving fans.

Unfortunately, Onduparaka did not live up to standard especially in the second round of the Azam Uganda Premier League, conceding huge number of goals that the weakest sides like Lweza and JMC that got relegated didn’t even experience.

Consequently much pressure has been exerted on the administration of Club by fans and the concerned, regarding the disappointing performance they produced during the 2016/17 season.

Some fans demanded the club Public Relation Office (P.R.O) Otelul Vegas Adams be stripped of his duties, alongside the head coach and team coach.

Soccer 256, investigated through an insider who preferred their identity to be kept anonymous, and found out actually the ultimate administration including chief financer Nyakuni Benjamin and others could keep Adraa and Mbabazi.

The anonymous insider said, the decision to keep the two is because of the vast experience Adraa has and the undeniable contribution by Mbabazi to the club inspite of frustrating results.

Besides the confirmation, our source revealed that, Erima Joe the Club Manager, Afeti Anthony (Tony) the Club Chief Executive Officer and Otelul the Club P.R.O are on the radar and best candidate to be fired.

This is really going to be surprising because the three are influential and have played a big part to what Onduparaka has become today.

Joe is the main brain behind the starting of the club, Otelul used his position in the media to market their objectives meanwhile Tony did some unforgettable administrative roles including fighting to retain Shaban Jagarson in the times Vipers was claiming the striker.

On analyzing why the Benjas may possibly make such ‘ridiculous’ resolution, it was found out that, the trio victims whose job are on the line had administrative weaknesses.

Some of them didn’t understand their responsibilities and often interfered with others roles. For example the P.R.O would influence the coach line up besides being poor in relating with public on social media.

The manager and C.E.O would cross boundaries hence mismanagement of the club. It’s believed if and when the decision will be amended, ultimately it will be for the good of the club.