Could the 2017 English Premier League, Be the Best Season Ever?

Premier League just ended and from a logical point of view and statistical chronicles, it has become a more interesting and better tier to watch than last season.

With six teams being competitive and the top two, Tottenham and Chelsea being extremely spectacular in their performance and results produced. What Leicester won last season, is way behind compared to this.

In the last fixture, English Premier League got over with Champions, Chelsea thrashing Sunderland 5 – 1, Tottenham in their last two fixtures won with 6 – 1 and 7 – 1 respectively, Manchester City whipping Watford 5 –  0.

The race for Top four which zoomed on Liverpool and Arsenal ‘the zone specialist’, The Gunners though 10 men, were able to beat Everton 3 – 1. Unfortunately for them, The Kops brought Middleborough down by 3 – 0.

6 Reasons Why The English Premier League is more interesting and better


1. Top two Chelsea and Tottenham exceeded the points that earned Leicester the title previously

Miracle victim, Leicester City won the English Premier League with 81 points, yet Chelsea has the title with 91 points and Tottenham Hotspurs is placed second with five points better than previous Champions Leicester.

2. Chelsea from performing poorly last season to being champions

Unbelievably from tenth on the table in the previous season, The Blues fired self-proclaimed ‘The only one’, Jose Mourinho and replaced him with Antonio Conte.

Secondly, they bought N’golo Kante and effectively after losing 3 – 0 to Arsenal on 24th September 2016, adopted a modern formation 3 – 5 – 3, magically Chelsea holds the trophy again, 5th Premier League title and 6th English title.

3. The Tops scorer, Harry Kane’s 29 goals in 30 matches

After missing in action for two and half months, the English striker still had the ability to retain his golden boot by scoring 7 goals in two matches, a weird record in the league.

Those seven goals made him jump over Sanchez and Lukaku, to reach 29 goals surpassing his previous tally of 25.

4. Increased number of goals in the 2nd and 3rd Top scorer

Second and third scorers Lukaku and Sanchez, who netted 25 and 24 respectively improved, unlike the previous seasons second and third Jamie Vardy and Lukaku who scored 19 and 18 respectively, Lukaku improved to 25 as Sanchez rose from 13 to 24 goals.

5. Tottenham Finishing above Arsenal for the first time in two decades

For many years, Spurs has fought to finish above Arsenal, unlike last season when they came so close, this season they made it by far.

6. Manchester United diverts champions League route through Europa

Very funny but true, after a series of disappointments in the major league, and six months of unbeaten home record full of draws, United found it impossible to use the usual and normal route to qualify for UEFA Champions league as fate had it that they would finish sixth on the Premier League Table.

So with vision mastered by Jose Felix Mourinho, the Red Devils worked hard to reach the finals of Europa.

As Ajax will be their date, Manchester United is fully convinced they will overcome the side from Netherlands to get the right for CL competition.

Total number of Goals Scored

There is been increase in the number of goals scored this season than last season. 1026 [2.7 per match] last season and 1064 [2.8 per match] last season.

Biggest home win

Unlike last season in which beat Manchester city 6 – 1 Newcastle United, this season has pulled many of biggest wins including, Bournemouth 6 – 1 Hull City, Chelsea 5 – 0 Everton, Liverpool 6 – 1 Watford, Tottenham Hotspurs 5 – 0 Swansea City, Manchester 5 – 0 Crystal Palace.

Biggest away win

Last season, the biggest away win was Aston Villa 0 – 6 Liverpool, yet this season there is Hull City 1 – 7 Tottenham Hotspurs. 

Highest Scoring

Meanwhile the highest scoring was witnessed between Norwich City 4 – 5 Liverpool previously, a similar result was between Swansea and crystal palace which ended 5 – 4 in favour of Swansea and Everton beating AFC Bournemouth 6 – 3.

Longest Winning streak

From 6 matches by Tottenham, Chelsea upgraded it to 13 matches.

Longest unbeaten run

15 matches by Chelsea previously, Manchester United took it to 25 matches.

Longest winless Run

11 Matches by Aston Villa unfortunately this season Middleborough went 16 matches.

Highest Attendance

2015/16 season 75,415 Manchester united 2 – 1 Swansea City

2016/17 season 75,397 Manchester united 0 – 0 West Brom

Lowest Attendance

2015/16 season 10,863 AFC Bournemouth 1 – 3 Stoke City

2016/17 season 10,890 AFC Bournemouth 4 – 0 Middleborough

Best Goal Keeper

2015/16 season Petr Cech [16 clean Sheets]

2016/17 season Thibaut Courtois [16 clean Sheets]