Proline FC defeats Express FC in a less standard match, Fahad Bayo on score sheet, and dread fills Wankulukuku

The match in which Proline beat Express by two goals

Kampala – Proline defeated Express in a less standard match at the Wankulukuku stadium as a result of Bayo Fahad’s brace that came in the both splits.

Bayo first scored at the 42nd minute and two minutes after second half started, the boy from Arua completed a brace for Mujib Kasule’s side.

The match was not played for the complete ninety minutes as the referee ended game after the fracas (misbehavior of home fans).

Fahad had scored his second goal and ran for celebration however Vincent Onyebuchi remained down with his goal keeper Fahad Katongole as a result of the team colliding.

Express FC fans believed the lines man endorsed a goal that shouldn’t have been considered, according to them it was an offside hence goal cancelled.

The referee called players from both sides to the dressing room for safety reasons and that was the end of the game.

Much as a decision from the league secretariat awaits, it’s highly logically that Express will be the losers since misbehavior came from their fans.

Both teams held a prayer for the Senegalese to show solidarity amongst players and unity in the game and love for victim of injury.


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