Ander Herrera Is A Mourinho Player For Life, Says Jamain Jenas

Table leaders Chelsea were brought to stand still at the Old Trafford in their battle against Manchester united after Ander Herrera masterminded one goal and scored one. Herrera’s pass ended at the foot of 19-year-old Marcus Rashford who put the ball at the back of the net just seven minutes into the game. Four minutes after second half Herrera himself gave the Red devils a comfortable lead.

His brilliant performance in the midfield, marking Hazard just as instructed by Jose, making tireless and endless runs and being directly involved in both goals made former Tottenham hotspurs player Jamain Jenas confirm Herrera a Mourinho player for life. Speaking to BBC Sport’s Chris Bevan, Jenas said;

“In my eyes, Herrera’s performance was so good. It made him Mourinho player for Life”

The English retired professional footballer and current BT Sport pundit however praised the Coach tactics and did not deny the fact that efforts from other teammate’s contribution made it possible for Herrera’s performance and Man United’s victory. Jenas as well added that tactics the 54-year-old coach applied to him was both a surprise and not.

I was not surprised to see Jose Mourinho get his tactics spot on for Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Chelsea, but he did not do it the way I expected.” Said Jenas.