Why the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson influenced Everton FC to Ban The Sun newspaper

It’s breaking news but no longer a surprise that Clubs are beginning to develop enmity with The Sun newspaper since today’s ban is the second The Sun has faced from an English Premier League team.

Earlier on Liverpool FC banned the same paper from coming close to Anfield and Liver pool training grounds due to what they deemed as false coverage regarding the Hillsborough disaster.

During the appalling event in which 96 people were killed, The Sun quoted;

Liverpool Supporter pick pocketed victims and urinated on brave cops.

Of recent MacKenzie, a columnist of The Sun wrote a composition in the paper about Ross Barkley which was considered to have racism element. In regard to the blows Barkley received in a neighborhood night club MacKenzie wrote;

The reality is that at £60,000 a week and being both thick and single, he is an attractive catch in the Liverpool area, where the only men with similar pay packets are drug dealers and therefore not at nightclubs, as they are often guests of Her Majesty

Though Journalists are meant to write articles that are engaging and provoke readers to give their views, Mackenzie’s particular one about Barkley was not thought to be so, many including the Mayor of Liverpool judged it racism. The bit considered as racism reads;

“His eyes make me certain not only are the lights on, there is definitely nobody at home, I get a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the Zoo.”

As a result Mayor Anderson reported the article to the police for what he termed as ‘racial slur’ and rallied behind fans with his twit that read;

“Everton, your lack of action in banning the Sun from press conferences is a smack in the face to our city”

Although the paper had responded by suspending the write Mackenzie, a day after wards, Everton through deep thought joined Liverpool in the cause. In the clubs statement released, it reads;

“Whilst we will not dignify any journalist with a response to appalling and indefensible allegations, the newspaper has to know that any attack on this city, either against a much respected community or individual, is not acceptable.”

The Sun apologized to the offended victim and said they were not aware of Barkley’s background. On the other side, Mackenzie who had worked with The Sun for 36 years was defensive, he claimed it was beyond parody to describe the column as “racist”.

Anderson who had echoed out to Everton fans to protest today at the Goodison Park later told fans not to continue with the initial plan since the Club had listened to the people’s cry. In his own words the Mayor said;

Everton have responded in a positive way. We will today remember and pray for those who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster.”

Joe Anderson believes with Everton’s response, it deserves to be considered the people’s club. The Club itself takes pride in being termed as the people’s club.