You can’t equal me to Messi besides I am happy at Juventus Says Paula Dybala

The hero of the night when Juventus brought Barcelona to her knees Paulo Dybala has refused to be equaled with his country mate Leonel Messi. After the brace the Argentine scored against king of come back Barca, he received praises and is considered to be Messi’s successor.

Paulo Dybala’s Juventus beat Spanish side Barcelona three- zero courtesy of his two first half goals and Giorgio Chiellini’s second half goal. Team mate Gianluigi Buffon said;

Dybala has grown exponentially over the last two years, when I talk to directors or friends in football, I’ve been saying for a while that he is good enough to be in the top five players in the world and wouldn’t be out of place in the top three. Having said that he needs to prove it every time and with regularity to show he is worthy of our expectations of him.

However the 23-year-old striker did not like to be compared with Messi, and spoke opposite to Xavi’s claims of him being a potential matured player Barcelona would need to sign. Xavi was quoted saying;

Dybala would fit in perfectly at Barcelona if you look at the other players there. He has a lot of talent and is capable of playing for any big team. He is a natural who plays at a high level and still young. He is ready to play for Barcelona. He is making the difference in Italy and it is not easy to do that when you play at a team like Juventus.”

Yet and unfortunately the futuristic Juventus attacker thinks contrary to Xavi, speaking after the prestigious victory over Barcelona he first of all opposite comparison to Messi and declared where his interest is;

I am very happy at Juventus; my contract renewal is very close and I want to make the most of what we are doing here. Messi is Messi, the one who plays for Barca, I’m Paulo, I’m happy but we know that it will not end here and that it will not be easy at Camp Nou. I am happy at Juventus, my renewal is very close, people are very fond of me and I will give more joy to the fans.”  Said Dybala.