Scored 5 Goals In The First Leg But Still Knocked Out Of Champions League

Manchester City becomes the first club to have scored five goals in the first leg of last 16 in the champions’ league but still gets knocked out in competition. City and Monaco first met in Etihad Stadium and match ended in favor 5 – 3 in favor of the English side.

Pep Guardiola who has never been knocked out of the Champions league last 16 round, and has won two champions league trophies in his tenure as coach in Barcelona, was very much expected to continue with his tendency after successful victory in Etihad but finally showed ‘road end’ by French Side although initially he vowed his side would go on to attack.

2004 champions League runners up Monaco outplayed Man city in the first half and by the 8th minute, teenager Mbappe proved he could be the next Thierry Henry as pundits think so by scoring the first goal.  Fabinho scored at the 29th minute yet Sane tried to bring matters under control for City by scoring at the 71st minute but Bakayoko had the final say over who would qualify by scoring in the 77th minute.

The battle ends with aggregate of (6 – 6) and Pep’s side gets knocked out by away goal advantage for Monaco. Guardiola blame self for clubs elimination and said he made mistake by not applying the right tactics and failing to successful convince players to attack. In his own words he said, “I tried to convince them in all the meetings we had to come here, try attack and score. My mistake was being not able to convince them to do that. I did convince them in the second half but it was too late.”

The 47 years old Manager added, “All managers make mistake but I don’t think it was down to tactical mistake.” The over rated tactician was commented about by a British sports writer James Ducker. According Ducker, Guardiola is under greatest test in his coaching career, in his twitter post he wrote, “Guardiola again discovering how much harder life is when you don’t have a squad like Barca and Bayern. Proof again this is his biggest test.”

Man City’s exit from the European competition leaves Leicester City the only English side in UEFA CL. Monaco Joins likes of Barcelona, Leicester City, Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

Full results
Monaco 3 – 1 Manchester City [aggregate 6 – 6]