Mighty Bayern Tread On Arsenal Again

Arsenal put up a performance in the first half that the soccer world did not expect, a Theo Walcott 20th minute wonder strike gave them a slim hope of proving analysts wrong.  Any spectator would conclude if the Gunners maintained the momentum, history would be made, record would be broken since no club is said to have penetrated to the quarters after trailing by a four goal margin in the first leg of round 16.

Besides scoring, Walcott as well came close to repeating the goal with a similar shot in the same angle unfortunately the ball went to the net side. Theo was denied a penalty after Xabi Alonso fouled him which the fourth official confirmed it should have been given. Giroud had a spectacular header that went slightly above the bar missing the target.

In the second half, Laurent Koscielny’s bad tackle against Robert Lewandowski resulted into a penalty and him receiving a yellow card. However the Greek referee Tasos Sidiropoulos later added a red card after receiving advice from the fourth official who claimed the Arsenal defender openly did not go for the ball but purposely went for Robert denying him a goal.

Lewandowski sent Ospina to the opposite of the post as his ball went to the right side, and that became the turning point for Bayern. Arjen Robben stole the ball from Alexis Sanchez and ended up scoring the second, Costa made it three, and man of the match Arturo Vidal grabbed two late goals in 80’ and 85’ respectively.

Night that started well for the Gunners ended up more embarrassing as Bayern destroyed, reaped, humiliated and repeated same goal margin they had in the first leg. The victory happens to be the third consecutive same score win Bayern has had against Arsenal. Arsenal has set a negative record because the loss of 10 – 2 is the worst suffered by an English side in the Champions League and Arsenal’s massive loss since November 1998 when they lost to Chelsea in the League Cup.

Manager Arsene Wenger claims there are many excuses however everything will point to the unexpected change of mind of the referee who decided to add a red card after a yellow, inexplicable, scandalous and irresponsible was wenger’s judgement. In defensive words he said, “I thought we played very well, we put Bayern under pressure. The second half was a very difficult situation for us, when you’re down to 10 men and have to score four goals against a quality team.” Arsenal becomes the first club to be knocked out of the UEFA champion’s league round 16 2016/2017 season.