Truth Behind Alexis Sanchez Starting On Bench

Initially Coach Arsene wenger claimed dropping Sanchez was tactical yet truth was hidden which eventually came to the light. According to BBC sports writer David Ornstein, the 28 years old Chilean had conflict with team mates over his decision to leave training in the middle.

The striker was confronted by fellow players on their return to the changing room and one of them was held back as rages widened. Sanchez who was benched in the first half was later on in the second half brought in and created a chance for Welbeck to score the only goal for the gunners in Saturday’s 3-1 defeat.

Although Manager Wenger claimed he benched his best player for the purpose of creating more direct attacking threat which could according to him only be done by Giroud and Welbeck, the feud in the dressing room clearly shows it was more than what the tactician claims.

Alexis has revealed a couple of personal acts that clearly shows the Chilean desires to exit the gunners coupled with his lack of interest in signing a new contract. However, former Leicester City goal keeper thinks the Arsenal goal machine and other players will make decisions regarding their future in the club based on if the Boss stays or leaves.

“I think Alexis Sanchez, and a number of players, are waiting to see what Wenger does. If Wenger stays on, I think we’ll see a large turnover of players coming in and players leaving. If he leaves then it depends who comes in and replaces him, what his ideas are, and that will determine whether players like Sanchez and Ozil re-sign.”