Alexi Sanchez Agent On Phone With Other Clubs

Arsenal’s goal machine Sanchez was confronted by team mates because he left training in mid-session before the match against Liverpool. As a result, the striker was left out in the starting eleven though later on in the second half brought in to create a goal for Danny Welbeck.

In the 26 league goals this season, the Chilean international has been involved directly by masterminding 9 and scoring 17. His actions seem to clearly pass message of disinterest and unhappiness in the club.

According to former Arsenal player Ian Wright in an interview with BBC sports, players do have conflicts in a team and it’s normal but when there is no harmony, it will come out. He added that he would leave the gunners if he were Sanchez because what is happening with the gunners is not what he came for.

“These things happen. It’s when you’re united as a team that it doesn’t come out, it’s a shame simply because he is Arsenal’s best player. He is a player that Arsenal need desperately to be there. It’s not good for Arsenal and him. I believe his agent is probably on the phone to people now. If I was him, I’d probably want to leave as well….” Said Wright.