FUFA and UPL Should Have Acted Against Tribalism Before Some Onduparaka Fans Made It Flagrant

FUFA and UPL should have acted against tribalism long before the rise of Onduparaka FC which gave birth to their aggressive blatant fans that reportedly threw tribalistic chants on team head coach Livingstone Mbabazi and ‘Baganda players’

The evil which has recently been discovered from Arua by one of the local online media channels existed in Uganda way before and has been killing talents and creating sectarianism and division in this beautiful game.

Long before the ascension of Onduparaka, players from different parts of Uganda played in central region where most UPL clubs are situated and have been victims of discrimination due to their origin especially having hailed from greater Northern Uganda and or West Nile.

Captain Mike Leti during his days as a player leads team to the field at Nakivubo

Besides the players, coaches such as Haruna Mawa during his coaching tenure in URA and Victoria University can attest to this claim.

Uganda being a heterogeneous nation with about 56 tribes couldn’t survive the tribalism vice which is in the society and community and is simply extending to football.

Journalist have been the victim of this too, and the writer of this piece can testify of how he was disallowed from accessing Wankuluku stadium two years ago because he couldn’t speak Luganda until he was forced to construct a broken sentence.

Meanwhile from an observation during match days, the same Journalist can confirm having witnessed Tony Odur being segregated and discriminated by fans in Buikwe District during Vipers and Express fixture years ago.

Fans at Buikwe demeaned Tony Odur who then was an Express player because of originating from Northern Uganda

In an interview with a couple of players who suffered the depravity, but chose not to be mentioned because in their own view the attacks became normal, minor and could exacerbate the matter, confirmed experiencing marginalization both in national team and club level.

One of the players said, they’ve never being thrown at tribalistic chants by fans but have lamented on segregation in the national team.

“Fans have never thrown those chants at me but in the national team, I’ve felt segregation especially under Basena because I could see a player I’m technically and tactically better than being chosen ahead of me.”

A big credit to the online source that brought out the evil and time is up that UPL and FUFA sets up policies and laws if non-existed or implement the existing ones or amend where necessary to deal with the problem before it runs out of hand.

3 thoughts on “FUFA and UPL Should Have Acted Against Tribalism Before Some Onduparaka Fans Made It Flagrant

  1. Actually rumors have been going around that Mbabazi has been involved in match fixing until one of his players gave him away – and that is the true reason behind his current suspension and why fans are frustrated with him – it doesn’t help matters that people from the north have always stereotypically considered people from the central and especially Baganda as shrewd and cheats. Onduparaka fans can also tell you they have experienced tribalistic chants from Baganda fans in Kampala and Masaka when they were playing away so this issue is not unique to Onduparaka fans alone.

    However I think a much bigger issue that I am glad you raised is how tribalism even affects our national team selection. That is just sad. How can we complain of a corrupt central government when we practice the same in other institutions?

  2. So,how did people like John Latigo,Denis Ouma,Sadik Wassa,David Obua,Moses Oloya,Kissa Jalendo,Philip Omondi,David Otti,Timothy Ayieko,Abbey Nasur,Awany,Ochaya ,Ondogkara Benjamin Ochan,Okot,Emma Okwi Posnet Omonyi and several others get to the national team.Did they bribe the coaches?Man,if you are going to succeed in journalism,do thorough research.

  3. This vice is bigger in FUFA and especially the Cranes set up.
    The team selection is so biased, and this Will never take us anywhere.

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