Retired Cranes Striker Geofrey Massa Says Shaban Needs Four Years To Fit In His Shoe, Find Out why and who He Recommends

Kampala – like in any other leadership position, if a leader is incompetent, retires, dies, or is incapable, followers will obviously begin searching for a successor. Exactly that is what happened when Massa declared his resignation, the whole Uganda soccer fraternity came up with list of strikers who they reckoned is suitable to take the position number nine of which mostly Onduparaka’s Shaban Muhamad commonly known as Jagarson in Arua was selected.

Conversely Massa being one of the members of the soccer fraternity himself finally opens up to give his honest opinion regarding who he sees could manage what he did. Speaking to The Kampala Sun’s columnist Julius Senyimba, Massa replied in response to the inquiry of Shaban being a suitable replacement that;

Shaban needs time, like four years of working on his physique and scoring for his club. Remember AFCON or World Cup is not like Azam Premier League. He has a bright future because he has a big heart.”

Since Brian Umony is still injured, the retired 31-year-old opted for Okwi because of his experience which is much needed in football besides talent and skill.

“I would go for Owki who is strong, fast and has been around. Umony would have been the right person for Uganda and I particularly missed him a lot in Gabon.” said Massa.

Additional the Net-buster said;

I burst the net in game against Congo. I have torn nets in South Africa League. I did the same against Celtic and Amazulu. Although I was born strong, I have also been going to the gym a lot. I lift 20kg using my right leg and I do this two or three days to a game.

Which is one surprise comment that would convince analyst agree with Massa that Shaban has a long way to go.

3 thoughts on “Retired Cranes Striker Geofrey Massa Says Shaban Needs Four Years To Fit In His Shoe, Find Out why and who He Recommends

  1. Shaban is de ryt full man bt jst cos Uganda football is played regarding tribes.Shaban is far better dan Massa comparing dere performance in Gabon,Massa played all de Afcon games in Gabon bt he was wasteful,Shaban came as a substute against Ghana &he changed de game dis shows how good he is even though he doesnt go 2de Gym as Massa thoughts bt he is a big fish in Uganda &even African cos his performance against Ghana as superb

  2. shaban at his age is a great player and can do better than massa.
    The only problem in Ugandan football is its played based on have to come from central and fit in the line up frequently.
    shaban given the chance will be 100% better than massa Mr.gym……….!!!

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